The Story So Far…

The year is 2427 CE,and humans have been a spacefaring species for about 350 years. 50 years ago, a colony seedship crashed on the earth-sized moon registered as 701M89. Less than half of the 50,000 colonists survived the disaster, and they immediately faced plague, starvation, and conflict with the native reptilianoids.
You are among the 6,000 remaining marooned colonists, most second and third generation; the beleaguered children of embittered survivalists. Worst of all, humans have been unable to create a renewable power source, and the technology that has sustained them begins to sputter and goes dark.
Even while grasping at survial, the colonists struggle to unlock the secrets of Malakine, a mysterious substance mined by the otherwise technologically backward natives. The reptilianoids, along with other local fauna, somehow transubstantiate Malakine toward any number of powerful effects. Harnessing the potential energy source could mean survival, or even escape…

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