Session I: Undermined
An introduction to the Campaign

Our heroes, on the widest circle of patrol in the swamps, return to the only human Mining Outpost to find it destroyed. The mine itself has been flooded, and the camp sacked.

Searching the devastation, the group can deduce the attack was perpetrated by the reptilianoid Drakes. They also recover a [[:med kit]] and a [[:data cube]] from the offices of Dr. Hawkings. It is decided to take refuge in one of the surviving structures overnight before following the tracks of what appear to be human survivors.

Their journey takes them toward Fort Havil the primary and central human settlement. On the way, the run into a group of three Shocker Lizards, which they dispatch without much trouble.

During the night, however, they are ambushed by one of the Drakes. A pitched battle yeilds the Drake’s surrender, but then more Drakes arrive and our heroes choose to surrender themselves. After some struggle to communicate, it is understood that the Drakes wish their captives to follow them deeper into the swamp, away from Fort Havil.


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